Several years ago I watched a video series called The Truth Project. One of the phrases that the professor who taught the series said was something like, “Do you believe that what you believe is really real/true?” As I contemplated that question, and considered whether my life reflected what I thought I believed, I was launched on a journey like no other I had ever been on.

I started to tune in to the media and discern their propagandized message. Suddenly history, which heretofore I had no need for, became a necessity to understanding the present. I stopped assuming that what I thought I knew and what I was being told – whether it was from the news media or my pastor – was truth. Instead I dug in and began assessing the status quo for myself.

All I can say is, it’s been a wild and crazy ride. What we think is true is often just a web of deceit that has been woven throughout our culture, society and religion by the powers that be. Many things definitely are not necessarily as they appear.

This site is mainly a compilation of information and sources on a wide variety of topics from religious beliefs to UFO’s. The goal of this site is not to necessarily draw conclusions but to provide a wide range of resources to challenge the status quo. This site is for those who are interested in opening their mind and getting out of the propaganda snare, if you dare.

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