Is America Devolving Into A Police State – Or Have We Already Descended?


There has been a lot in the alternative news over the last few years about false flags being used to break down the sensibilities of American citizens for the purpose of manipulating their psyches to welcome martial law. But what would you say if you knew that already American citizens are under heavy surveillance and that among other things that congress passed a law a few years ago making the use of propaganda on the domestic population legal?

According to Naomi Wolf, prolific author, journalist and political activist, (who discusses all this and more in the video below as well as in her book The End Of America) the US is at war with it’s citizens. But unfortunately, most citizens are under such mind manipulation by the state run media, and thus are so caught up pointing the finger at who they think is the enemy (liberals point at conservatives, conservatives point at liberals) that they are simply playing into the hands of the corporate elite who rule this nation. All they give a damn about is keeping most of the population preoccupied while civil liberties are being pulled out from under us, left and right, without most even batting an eye.

If you think that it actually matters whether a republican or a democrat is in the white house, think again…

In this video Naomi Wolf (speaking to the New Hampshire Liberty Forum) reviews the 10 steps that a democracy takes as it descends into a police state. She also answers questions about the Boston bombing and false flags, the news media and action steps that citizens can take.

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