Sweet Misery: The Aspartame Poisoning of a Nation

Aspartame poisoning

One day, years ago, I was having a discussion with a good friend…someone who had been in politics at the national level. Surely, after working for his State’s congressman for several years, understood the corruption in Washington, he would have grave reasons to doubt the integrity of government agencies? We were having a discussion about the regulation of poultry. I was explaining why I did not eat conventionally processed poultry explaining some of the ways the USDA allows chickens and other livestock to be raised and processed. He asked me with all seriousness “What, you don’t trust the FDA?” You know what they say, “There are none so blind, as those who will not see.”

The history of Aspartame is such a story in our nations history. And sadly we have exported the poison around the world.  This video highlights the powers in Washington, the revolving doors between the FDA and big Pharma, the fact that despite the well documented health risks, including seizures and cancerous brain tumors GD Searle, the developer and manufacturer of Aspartame (AKA NutraSweet, Equal) would stop at nothing to get Aspartame on the market and into the food supply of Americans. Since this sweet poison has been added to the US food supply in the early 1980’s brain tumors in the general population have dramatically increased.

After watching the video, just for fun, you might enjoy reading the propaganda on the American Cancer society’s website concerning the health concerns circulating on the internet about Aspartame.

Here is another site DORWAY that is a clearinghouse for information on aspartame.

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