Is America Devolving Into A Police State – Or Have We Already Descended?


There has been a lot in the alternative news over the last few years about false flags being used to break down the sensibilities of American citizens for the purpose of manipulating their psyches to welcome martial law. But what would you say if you knew that already American citizens are under heavy surveillance and that among other things that congress passed a law a few years ago making the use of propaganda on the domestic population legal?

According to Naomi Wolf, prolific author, journalist and political activist, (who discusses all this and more in the video below as well as in her book The End Of America) the US is at war with it’s citizens. But unfortunately, most citizens are under such mind manipulation by the state run media, and thus are so caught up pointing the finger at who they think is the enemy (liberals point at conservatives, conservatives point at liberals) that they are simply playing into the hands of the corporate elite who rule this nation. All they give a damn about is keeping most of the population preoccupied while civil liberties are being pulled out from under us, left and right, without most even batting an eye.

If you think that it actually matters whether a republican or a democrat is in the white house, think again…

In this video Naomi Wolf (speaking to the New Hampshire Liberty Forum) reviews the 10 steps that a democracy takes as it descends into a police state. She also answers questions about the Boston bombing and false flags, the news media and action steps that citizens can take.

Citzen’s Commission on 9/11 – Idira Singh on P-Tech

The 9/11 Citizens Commission is a grass roots undertaking designed to create enough citizen concern, awareness and power to warrant a citizen’s investigation of 9/11.  On September 9th 2004 they held an event in NYC where many top 9/11 whistle blowers with first hand knowledge of facts (for the most part those facts were withheld by the US government and mainstream media) testified under oath and before a committee convened by the 9/11 Citizen’s Commission.

Indira Singh’s personal story of involvement in 9/11 from being a first responder EMT at ground zero to her later encounter, as a high level consultant (combining her experience with risk management and enterprise architecture) in the banking industry, with shocking insider information she obtained through her consulting work with a company called PTech which had contracts with several US Government Agencies including FBI and the White House.

Did The US Government Know About 9/11 Before it Happened?

There are many questions still circulating about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York City in 2001. Susan Lindauer, former CIA Asset, addresses some of the following questions concerning the events surrounding 9/11:

  • Did The US Government Know About 9/11 Before it Happened?
  • Was Iraq cooperating or not with the US and their demands in order to lift sanctions?
  • Was Mohammed Atta an Al Qaeda Terrorist or a CIA asset?
  • Were the WTC buildings demolished by airliner’s or by thermite bombs?
  • Were government agents warned not to go into NYC in the weeks leading up to 9/11?
  • Were there actually memos circulating between government agencies warning about an impending attack ?

According to her own testimony, Susan Lindauer, a CIA asset couriered messages between the US Government and the leaders of Iraq in the years leading up to 9/11. Is Lindauer a credible witness? She reports “I paid for this”, referring to the fact that as a result of her whistle blowing she was locked up in prison for 1 year on a military base, held under indictment for 5 years, and threatened with forced drugging to silence her before the justice department dropped all charges just a few days before Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2008. In the video below she shares her first hand information about the US Government’s prior knowledge of the attacks on the WTC.

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald: everyone knows he was the lone gunman responsible for the assassination of the 35th president of the United States in Dallas Texas on Friday, November 22, 1963. The day America lost President Kennedy is a tragedy forever engraved in this generations mind. Or was he? Sadly, the even greater tragedy and injury to the soul of America is the massive coverup perpetrated by the US government in undertaking the investigation of JFK’s murder.

The Warren Commission members (who swore to uphold the truth – the whole truth) appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson only a week after the assassination of JFK was appointed the task of investigating Kennedy’s assassination. Approximately 10 months later the commission presented its finds that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone as did Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) who within approximate 48 hours of Oswald’s arrest shot and killed the alleged assassin at point blank range in the Dallas Police Station, as police officers were in the process of transferring Oswald to a local prison.

Judyth Vary Baker reports in her book, Me & Lee about her love affair with Oswald the summer of 1963. She gives fascinating detail about his political views, his work for the US government, his character and personality and his knowledge about the plots to assassinate Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro and US President John F. Kennedy. If Vary Baker can be trusted, it means only one thing: the Warren Commission 800+ page report isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

The Link Between JFK’s Assassination, Monkey’s and the Cancer Epidemic

In the video series The Men Who Killed Kennedy there is made mention of the numerous material witnesses who died under mysterious circumstances in the subsequent early years that followed the Kennedy assassination investigation. One of those witnesses was a nationally recognized cancer researcher named Dr. Mary Sherman. According to one of Dr. Sherman’s assistants, Judith Vary (Lee Harvey Oswald’s lover and author of Me and Lee), Dr. Sherman was working on developing an aggressive cancer virus that could be used as a biological weapon – in this case it is alleged that the weapon being developed was for the purpose of assassinating Cuban Dictator Fidel Castor.

The sub-title of the book, Dr. Mary’s Monkey says it all: How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans, and cancer causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics.

These books and video series demonstrate that politics are not what the collective consciousness of the nation presumes it to be, that the collective consciousness of Americans is deliberately shaped by a steady diet of propaganda to form expedient opinions of political and economic reality, and that elected officials are often just pawns on the board of a secret chess game powered by a stealth shadow government.

The Men Who Killed JFK

This 9 part series by Nigel Turner is “The Men Who Killed Kennedy.” Turner brings to light many eye witnesses including Lee Harvey Oswald’s lover who sheds an entirely new twist on the character of Oswald (the alleged lone gunman) and the work he was involved in for the US government. That fact in and of itself is a stunning revelation to most Americans. This is a 9 part series and each episode is about 50 minutes. It is well worth the time.

Here they are:

  • The Coup D’Etat – Episode 1 (Embedding was disabled on Episode 1 so follow the link)
  • The Forces of Darkness – Episode 2
  • The Cover-Up – Episode 3
  • The Patsy – Episode 4
  • The Witnesses – Episode 5
  • The Truth Will Set You Free – Episode 6
  • The Smoking Guns – Episode 7
  • The Love Affair – Episode 8
  • The Guilty Men – Episode 9