Share Your Best Questions that Challenge Religious Dogma


Joel 2:32 says “Whoever calls upon the name of YHVH will be saved…” In Isaiah 45 it is written that YHVH says, “There is no God apart from me, a righteous God and a Savior; there is none but me…”

It was grappling with the question…

“what if a real person in the 21st century hears or reads these passages and take them to heart and embraces YHVH as God and Savior alone. What if they never hear about Jesus, but serve and love YHVH with all their heart, soul and mind. Are they saved?”

That question made me realize that Christian dogma and doctrine was seriously in error. It doesn’t work in the real world so to speak where real flesh and blood people are moved to simply repent of their sins and turn their hearts to YHVH as He admonished people everywhere to do throughout the Hebrew scriptures.

I asked a number of Christians the above question and few gave me a straight forward answer as I am assuming they had to perform theological gymnastics in their mind to make the passage fit with their Christological doctrinal beliefs – and it just doesn’t. The square peg does not fit into the round hole.

The remainder who answered the question straightforwardly, were people of strong faith but lite on the understanding of Christian doctrine.

The obvious answer to this question, is of course…Yes! That is what YHVH said to do. That is Who YHVH said He is. If we cannot take Him at His word and at face value, how can we trust Him at all?

I firmly believe that answers are found in the questions we ask…being led out of the bondage and brainwashing of our minds requires us to search out the questions that are begging to be asked, but to which we are all too often blinded.

What questions have you searched out for yourself that have helped to lead you out of the snare? Please leave your questions and comments below.

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