The Lord’s Supper aka Communion

There are many rules, traditions and doctrines surrounding “The Lord’s Supper” – but the question is are they scriptural? Dr. Michael Heiser explores and challenges some commonly held beliefs concerning this church ritual in his Naked Bible Podcast series – The Lord’s Supper

Not all of my questions about the Lord’s supper are addressed by Heiser, questions like:

  • Was the last supper which Jesus held with His disciples “The” Passover dinner commanded by YHWH in Exodus?
  • Was the last supper Jesus had with His disciples actually a traditional dinner (Seudah Maphseket) which was unique to Galalians as Tom Bradford of the Torah Class states in His article The Passover Problem Solved
  • In other words, is “the” Passover meal replaced by this “Lord’s Supper” or did Yeshua/Jesus simply mean to mind us that the bread and wine served at fellowship dinners should be a reminder of His death and thus we should “give thanks” for all He did and remember Him when we gather together.

Heiser does address some great questions in this podcast:

  • What is the warning Paul gives really about?
  • Should unregenerate children be fenced from the table?
  • What does eating meat sacrificed to idols have to do with the Lord’s supper?
  • Is there a special means of grace attached to the Lord’s Supper?
  • Are the bread and the wine Yeshua’s real body and blood?

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