The Men Who Killed JFK

This 9 part series by Nigel Turner is “The Men Who Killed Kennedy.” Turner brings to light many eye witnesses including Lee Harvey Oswald’s lover who sheds an entirely new twist on the character of Oswald (the alleged lone gunman) and the work he was involved in for the US government. That fact in and of itself is a stunning revelation to most Americans. This is a 9 part series and each episode is about 50 minutes. It is well worth the time.

Here they are:

  • The Coup D’Etat – Episode 1 (Embedding was disabled on Episode 1 so follow the link)
  • The Forces of Darkness – Episode 2
  • The Cover-Up – Episode 3
  • The Patsy – Episode 4
  • The Witnesses – Episode 5
  • The Truth Will Set You Free – Episode 6
  • The Smoking Guns – Episode 7
  • The Love Affair – Episode 8
  • The Guilty Men – Episode 9

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