The Real X-Files: Strange Phenomenon

Strange and unexplainable phenomenon are a part of human existance. Some, who have a hunger and thirst for the truth never give up attempting to reconcile the unexplainable with their science and their theology. Fortunately for those who have a desire to know there are real life agent Mulder and Scully’s out there who have devoted their lives, traveling to all ends of the world to unearth the answers to our planets most curious and unexplained phenomenon.

Earthfiles – is the real life X-Files and Linda Moulton Howe is the Emmy award winning investigative journalist behind this informative site. On her site Howe reports on science, environment and X-file type phenomenon.

Coast to Coast AM Radio Show – is another excellent source for exploring unexplained mysteries and grappling with the inexplicable. George Noory, Art Bell and others host C2C AM the most listened to overnight radio program in North America.

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