Unexplained Loud Booms and Metallic Trumpet Sounds

Over the past several years people all over the world have been reporting strange, unexplained sounds which seem to be coming from above, in the atmosphere. These sounds are so loud, that observers have said things like, “it’s nothing like what you hear on the youtube videos. It’s extremely loud and unnerving.”

These reports are coming in from the US, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, London, and elsewhere. They are happening in cold climates as well as warm. They happen in the deepest night and the brightest day time. The sounds are described as loud booms that have the capacity of shaking houses and rattling windows. Other sounds are described as a forlorn trumpet sound, which to me (from the youtube videos) sounds more like metal grating together or a high pitched frequency much like the sound one gets from running one’s finger around the edge of a crystal glass.

The large booms and the metallic sounds are not necessarily related, but at the same time it’s not being ruled out that there may be a connection. There are actually quit a few news reports and local municipalities have reported getting calls from locals but have no idea what the sounds are. Others are explaining the booms as frost quakes and the metallic trumpet sounds as electromagnetic waves from the Aurora Borealis.

I’m not sure how frost quakes can explain the booms heard in warmer climates. Additionally the frost quake explanation sounds plausible as does the Aurora Borealis electro magnetic sound waves or even electromagnetic antenna until you consider that people who have lived their entire lives in these areas are not familiar with these phenomenon.

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