On That Day – What Are You Going to Say?


Do you believe what you do about Jesus being God in the flesh because of what you have been taught or because you have reckoned for yourself the teachings of the old with the new testament?

Recently this question popped up, “What position (A or B) would you rather find yourself in on the day of judgement, standing before YHVH and explaining why you worship Him the way you do?”…

  • A. I tell YHVH, “I continued to follow Jesus because of what the gospel writers said Jesus said; I followed Jesus because of what Paul said: Sproul said: Calvin said: Luther said: Moody said etc…and they all said Jesus was you!” “I followed Jesus because “they” told me the Christian writings were inspired and inerrant, and I believed them.”
  • B. I tell YHVH, “I stopped following Jesus because You said, ‘I am God and there is no other, I am Savior and there is none other...Fear YHVH your God, serve him only’ and I believed You.”

Through out the many years of studying Christianity I would have questions and concerns but they were always silenced by slick theological doctrines and stuffed away into the recesses of my heart.

Over the last few years, I gathered the courage to face these issues and dig deeper than ever before. This time as the doctrinal problems surfaced, I faced them and followed them and confronted them with Torah – our baseline for knowing what is authoritative. I could see that my studies were beginning to lead me in a direction I never imagined. I cried out to YHVH with fear and trembling, asking and begging Him to reveal truth. At one point I realized, there were so many doctrinal problems, I had to put Jesus on the truth table.  Clinging to YHVH I did that and trusted that He was big enough to show me the truth…Numbers 13 says…

God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?

When the “Jesus glasses” came off and I allowed myself to view the Christian teachings in a more objective light I saw strange and disturbing contradictions with the very words of YHVH Himself.

I gave over to Him my fear of Hell and heresy and pressed on into the word…I did not like what I was seeing, I was fearful, I was kicking and screaming (metaphorically) as my studies took me further and further from Jesus. So many times I cried out to the Father over what I was seeing, what my mind was comprehending – as I systematically read and studied the Bible (both the Hebrew scriptures and the christian writings) …slowly, steadily, one Christine doctrine fell after the other.

With fear and trembling, I took solace in “search for Me with all your heart and I will be found by you.” Is God a liar or can any of us trust His word and take it at face value. Now the obvious problem with this is, people search for Him and draw different conclusions … but I will save that discussion for another time.

So I ask the reader, “Does God hate me for this? For seeking Him with fear and trembling? For trusting in His word? Do I now become God’s enemy because I choose to worship Him alone and I cannot honestly and with my intellect intact see Jesus in the Hebrew scriptures? Does YHVH mislead those who earnestly seek Him?”

Of course neither your opinion of the matter or mine really matters. Only God’s opinion matters. These are meant to be rhetorical questions to stimulate the reader to get off the doctrinal high horse and examine their own beliefs about the Bible, God and Jesus as it relates to real individuals in real life.

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