The Religious Elephant in the Room – What Is Truth


Sometimes friendly discussions take a turn toward debate when discussing such emotional topics as faith and religion. In one recent dialogue, when one person was challenged about their knowing who the authors of the NT are, she replied…

What difference does it make…if the authors (of the NT) were anonymous or if theologians debated over who actually wrote them? It doesn’t negate the truth of them. 

Well, she hit the proverbial nail on the head…the elephant in the room is, “what is truth?” Afterall, there are various traditions that claim to “have the truth”. My question is “Who ya gonna believe and why?”  You owe it to yourself to search out the answer to that question…your eternity may depend on it.

On the contrary, do each of us have the right to choose the path that makes the most sense or will God condemn us to eternity in Hell for our misunderstanding? Perhaps, one day we will all stand before God and explain our reasoning…who knows.

Where I diverge with Christianity is I choose to use Torah as the plumbline for determining what is truth in my world as it pertains to knowing and worshiping God. Why? because by tradition God spoke it on Mount Sinai and Moses recorded it. (most Jews and Christians believe this to be so). If it does not line up with what’s in the first 5 books (Torah) then I have to seriously question it. That is the path I have chosen and it makes most sense to me….blessed be His holy Name.

What makes sense to you and how have you determined the answer to “who ya gonna believe and why?” as far as it pertains to worshiping God. Leave your comments below.


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